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The Rural Experience

Malta Rural Tourism offers a fresh way to experience your holiday in Malta. We show you the real Maltese Islands: our rural areas, our way of living, our culture and cuisine. Our carefully selected portfolio of accommodation options ensures that you live the complete Maltese experience within the areas of the island where life still moves at the typically slow Mediterranean pace. You’ll be able to mingle with the locals, venture off the beaten track and live the way our previous generations used to live.

We offer a diverse selection of accommodation to suit everyone’s needs, from private villas and farmhouses to townhouses and apartments. You could even move in with a Maltese host family to truly experience the typical Maltese lifestyle!

Our tour packages give you the chance to create the holiday of your dreams. Choose from our wide selection of excursions and activities to complement your trip, whether you prefer agritours, walks in towns and the countryside, fishing tours, bird watching, wine making, cheese making, local crafts and trades, Maltese food lessons or even private tours to our village feasts!

You can also choose to dine in our selected Maltese restaurants known for their delectable Maltese cuisine.


Why Experience Rural Tourism?

We believe that a true holiday in the Maltese Islands is one where you can take in the genuine atmosphere of every corner of this beautiful country, from farming communities to towns and villages. We offer you and your family all the requirements for a truly rustic vacation, far from the noisy touristic areas and close to Mother Nature.

Make the most of your holiday by really getting to know your destination. Live amongst the locals, learn their customs, have a chat over some traditional Maltese snacks and experience the daily life of the islanders. We have created Malta Rural Tourism for this one reason: To bring you ever closer to the locals and their identity.

The rural experience will give you the opportunity to visit the less frequented spots, sample the typical local produce and meet the friendly residents. Most of our accommodations are located near historical sites and attractions, making it easier for you to get to the gems you would like to visit.

Choose from a wide range of properties, from family vacation units to pampering properties with breathtaking views of the Maltese landscape. You are sure to find you’re the perfect place to stay, whether you love waking up to a fresh breeze in the rolling countryside or in a cosy home nestled in the heart of a village core. We even offer properties with swimming pools for those lazy days on the deck with a stunning view of the horizon.

Once you’re settled into your accommodation, you can spice up your vacation with our range of agricultural activities designed to welcome curious visitors like yourself, such as harvesting fruit in season, a visit to the cowshed or sheepfold, horseback riding, visits to fruit and vegetable packing plants and olive oil or wine pressing.

We’ll take care of every aspect of your rustic holiday. All you have to do is surrender yourself to the quiet pastoral surroundings and let yourself sink into the endless tranquility of the Maltese rural villages.

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