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Gozo - Nadur

Nadur is situated on the east of the island. With a population of almost 4,000 people, the village is known for its contemporary Carnival celebrations held a week before the beginning of the lent. There is no archaeological evidence that could shed light on the first inhabitants of Nadur. Nevertheless, the plateau and its surroundings, with a few farmhouses scattered here and there, were in existence for many years well before the area became a parish. The only findings were a number of large flat stones found in a field between San Blas Bay and Da─žlet Qorrot, which once used to serve as a sort of temple to the gods.

Nadur, an Arabic name for lookout, played a very important role in the defense of the island from corsairs. During the reign of the Knights of St. John a watchtower was built by Grand Master Cottoner, which has been referred as Dahlet Qorrot Tower or San Blas Tower for the two bays lying on either side of it. The tower is locally known as Ta' Sopu Tower. Another watchtower found in Nadur is Ta' Kenuna Tower built by the British towards the middle of the 19th century to serve as a telegraph link between Malta and Gozo.

The parish church dedicated to St. Peter and Paul is a very artistic monument of both architecture and painting, rich in marble works and decorations. It was erected on the highest point of the town on the site of a smaller church which originally stood in its place. The religious feast of St. Peter and St Paul is celebrated annually on 29th June, which is a public holiday on the Maltese Islands. On Good Friday a set of statues are taken out for a holy procession depicting the passion and crucifixion of Jesus, while on Easter morning a statue of The Risen Lord is also joyfully paraded.

In Nadur there are a good number of part-time farmers whose fields are known for the production of fruits such as plums, peaches, apples, oranges and lemons. In fact, most of the Maltese citrus is produced in Nadur.

Whilst in Nadur, one can go to Dahlet Qorrot Bay and Ramla l-Hamra Bay for a quick swim. With its beautiful countryside, Nadur offers some of the best country walk routes on the island. Starting from the village square one can follow a path up to San Blas, which is a little secluded beach with red sand, the Mistra Rocks where one can see rocks of all shapes and sizes and Wied Rihan, an area which is covered with colourful flowers during springtime.

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