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Mqabba, in the South Eastern part of Malta, is at the heart of a soft limestone area is well renowned for the construction industry as it holds more than a quarter of the quarries in Malta. With around 3,021 residents, Mqabba still carries the characteristics of a typical Maltese village, with quietness prevailing in the small streets of the village. The motto of this particular village is 'Non Nisi Per Ardua' which means ‘Only with Ability’, a good reflection of the inhabitants.

Mqabba was built around the Parish Church, the predominant landmark of the village. The Parish Church is dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady, with its feast being held every 15th August. Another feast is that of Our Lady of Lilies celebrated on the third Sunday of June. The two village feasts are renowned for their fireworks display, which attracts numerous crowds. 

Amongst other important structures, one can find Vincenti Tower and various chapels such as the Chapel of St. Basil, the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows, the Chapel of St. John and the Chapel of St.Catherine of Alexendria. Mqabba also boasts of a stretch of around 139 cubic metres of catacombs, which were discovered in the 1860s. The Paleo Christian "Mintna Catacombs" found in Diamond Jubilee Square is a complex network of catacombs and the ritual table known as the "Agape" table dominates the whole structure of tombs. 

The importance of Mqabba is also shown in the archaeological remains found in the vicinity of Mqabba. Extinct animals were found in quarries at "Tax-Xantin" and "Ta` Kandja", an area which is mainly composed of limestone quarries, together with a small number of facilities such as the Detention Centre controlled by the Armed Forces. A sign that Neolithic people lived here was evident with the discovery of a nearby cave found in a site known as "Bur Meghez". 

Mqabba presents a collage of the old and the new, the traditional and the innovative. This collage gives a particular identity and makes this small village unique.

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